October 20, 2023

Mitiga Named Best Startup of the Year at D+I Innovation Awards 2023

On October 19, 2023, during a night dedicated to celebrating innovation and technological prowess, Mitiga Solutions was awarded “Best Startup of the Year” at the D+I Innovation Awards 2023.

The highly-anticipated D+I Innovation Awards 2023 recently brought together digital and tech enthusiasts, showcasing the industry’s finest talents. Organised by D+I (EL ESPAÑOL), the awards, selected by an independent panel, have become a beacon in the tech sector, consistently acknowledging the efforts of researchers, startups, government bodies, tech hubs, and investors.

The event, held at Espacio Bernabéu by Eneldo in Madrid, Thursday October 19, 2023, attracted nearly 300 technology enthusiasts and professionals eager to witness the announcement of this year’s winners.

Mitiga Solutions, a Barcelona-based startup, founded in 2018 as a spin-off from the National Supercomputing Center (BSC-CNS) of Barcelona, has revolutionised the field of climate tech. Their mission is to simplify the complexities of climate science using advanced mathematical models, artificial intelligence, and high-performance computing. By providing a global perspective on climate risks, they empower their clients to make informed financial decisions.

This year’s event announced 10 winners, including:

  1. Best Startup: MITIGA SOLUTIONS
  2. Best Accelerator: SEEDROCKET
  3. Best Investor: LUIS MARTÍN CABIEDES
  4. Best Digitalization Project in a Large Company: ACCIONA
  5. Best Digitalization Project in a Small or Medium Enterprise: LUXQUANTA
  6. Best Initiative from Technology Centers or Tech Parks: POLAR DEVELOPMENTS
  7. CIO of the Year: ANA CASACA
  8. Researcher of the Year: ANA MARTÍNEZ
  9. Best Public Sector Project: COMUNIDAD DE MADRID
  10. Best Initiative in Latin America: WATERPLAN

The awards are bestowed upon individuals, startups, public administrations, technological centers, and investors who have made outstanding contributions to the world of innovation. The independent jury meticulously evaluated the nominees, and Mitiga Solutions stood out as the best startup of the year, reflecting their dedication to tackling climate-related issues.

Mitiga’s cutting-edge approach help clients better understand climate risks, thereby assisting them in making more profitable financial decisions. Their innovation has earned them a well-deserved place among the leading startups in the technological and digital ecosystem.

As they continue to expand their work, Mitiga is committed to making a difference in understanding and mitigating climate change impacts, demonstrating their potential for even more remarkable contributions to climate technology in the years ahead.

The D+I Innovation Awards acknowledge Mitiga Solutions as the shining star in the startup world, reinforcing their mission to combat climate change and make the world a better, more sustainable place for all.

These achievements were made possible through the dedication and innovation of these remarkable winners, all of whom continue to drive excellence in their respective fields.

The awards’ distinguished jury, which includes experts from the tech industry and digital innovation, assessed the nominees based on various criteria, such as their impact on organisations and the market, technological disruption, alignment with ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) criteria, and the potential for future growth.

The event was made possible with the support of sponsors, including the City of Madrid, the Community of Madrid, the Community of Valencia, the Castilla-La Mancha Regional Government, the Extremadura Regional Government, the Government of Aragón, the City of San Sebastián, Crowe, Evo Banco, AWS, Mapfre, and Redit.

This article is a revised version of D+I’s article in Spanish. For more information about the D+I Innovation Awards 2023, click here.

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