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Our platform to analyse, report and act on the
climate risk facing your assets


climate risk analysis

EarthScan leverages data modelling, machine learning and state-of-the-art climate science to give you a customised analysis of the climate risks threatening your business assets. In a few seconds, get critical insight into risks such as flooding, droughts and extreme temperatures. Meet disclosure requirements, analyse present and future locations in your value chain and make investment decisions on your portfolio.

Climate risk reporting
use cases

Organisations in retail, manufacturing, utilities, real estate and finance use our self-serve platform
to quickly gain insight into their individual exposure to climate risk.

Regulatory reporting

Meet TCFD reporting disclosure requirements in a few clicks. Get ready for EU taxonomy reporting obligations.

Climate risk reporting

Share climate risk insights and ratings across your organization and with key stakeholders internally and externally (eg: board, investors, suppliers).

Due diligence analysis

Analyse climate risk accross financial instruments and asset classes in your portfolio. Inform M&A decisions and see a full view of your climate risk when planning new sites or onboarding subsidiaries and suppliers.


Welcome to EarthScan

EarthScan is fully self-serve. After you have onboarded, you can use the platform on demand. Our dedicated customer success team is available for support and to interpret results with you for deeper insight.

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#1. Onboard

All you need is a list of assets in a CSV file. These can be your own company assets, assets under your management or assets of interest (supplier or acquistion target).

Get started with as little as latitude and longitude data or add more fields for further filtering and analysis.

Log in to upload your list. You can also search the millions of assets we have mapped already to build your list.


#2. Get insights in seconds

In just a few clicks, you will start gaining insight into
your exposure to risk at the asset level.

EarthScan covers 7 hazard types:  flooding both coastal and riverine, extreme wind, heat stress, drought, precipitation, wildfire. Investigate your exposure to these hazards across time horizons (baseline 1970 to 2100) and climate scenarios: business as usual, 2040 emissions peak and Paris Agreement-aligned.

See your combined physical risk from multiple acute and chronic hazards. Calculate potential CVaR (Climate Value at Risk) for your portfolio of assets.


#3. Share with key stakeholders

Generate a report on specific insights or download a TCFD or EU-aligned report for regulatory disclosure.

Customise and download your reports, or simply export the analysis including charts, text or citations. Share insights inside and outside your organization.

Ensure everyone across your value chain and reporting system has access to the latest climate risk intelligence to inform critical decisions.

The science behind EarthScan


Draws on petabytes of quality-assured climate data from authoritative public and partner sources including weather stations, reanalysis, satellites, climate models, and direct observations.

Uses advanced statistical methods, computer vision, and machine learning techniques - GANs, hybrid models, super-resolution, and transfer learning - to calculate your risk exposure.

Fuses methods from multiple fields including data science, data engineering, statistical science, machine learning, climate and earth science, and remote sensing.

Translates complex, fragmented climate data into accurate, user-friendly, decision-useful intelligence.

Continuously learns on your behalf to actively monitor for threat detection, trend analysis, uncertainty, quantification, and patterns.

Creates a bias-corrected view of climate risk exposure from 1970-2100, covering multiple emission scenarios.

Mitigate climate risk differently