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Risk Modelling™

Expert risk modelling
for every business


Future proof your assets

Traditional risk models have long relied on data from past hazardous events to predict what lies ahead. This conventional approach, however, is insufficient to protect your assets from the dynamic nature of climate change.

Advanced science meets exponential technology

Mitiga’s Risk Modelling takes a high-resolution, physics-based approach from the bottom up. We incorporate real-time factors, such as vegetation, weather dynamics, and topography, to provide a comprehensive understanding of how various perils behave in the physical world.

Advanced science

Fusing peer-reviewed science and methodologies from climate and earth sciences, physics, statistical science, and remote sensing to build a comprehensive and dynamic picture of climate intelligence.

Pioneering technology

Combining machine learning, data modelling, data engineering, and scalable computing to deliver the latest climate intelligence to everyone, on demand.

Unparalleled expertise

Developed by our multidisciplinary team of scientists and domain experts, along with partners from top AI research institutions, including Imperial College London and The Alan Turing Institute.


Your decision-making ally

Our proprietary AI Climate Equity solution gives you global coverage by filling data gaps for equitable distribution of climate protection benefits across the world. These high-resolution, physics-based models serve as valuable tools for insurers, aiding them in underwriting policies, pricing, and closing protection gaps.


Temporal scales & perils

Our models cover risks across different time scales, from real-time to short-term and annual forecasts and 100 years into the future. Risk modelling covers:

+  Wildfire
+ Extreme weather: severe convective storm, drought, extreme precipitation, extreme temperature
+  Volcano



Draws on petabytes of quality assured climate data from authoritative public and partner sources including weather stations, reanalysis, satellites, climate models, and direct observations.

Uses advanced statistical methods, computer vision, and machine learning techniques - GANs, hybrid models, super-resolution, and transfer learning - to calculate your hazard risk exposure.

Applies climate hazard exposure risk signals to built, linear, and natural capital assets.

Features millions of assets we’ve mapped already, with new assets and labels added regularly

Future proof your assets

Fuses methods from multiple fields including data science, data engineering, statistical science, machine learning, climate and earth science, and remote sensing.

Translates complex, fragmented climate data into accurate, user-friendly, decision-useful intelligence.

Continuously learns on your behalf to actively monitor for threat detection, trend analysis, uncertainty, quantification, and patterns.

Creates a bias-corrected view of climate hazard exposure risk from 1970-2100, covering multiple emission scenarios.



Provides seamless distribution to millions of global users through Mitiga’s groundbreaking products.

Enables the sharing of insight, both inside and outside of your organization, creating a network of connected, informed users.

Ensures everyone has continuous access to the latest climate intelligence to inform mission-critical decisions.

Helps you understand the history and future of an asset’s climate hazard exposure risk.

Mitigate climate risk differently