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Climate risk intelligence to future-proof your assets

You need customised climate risk intelligence to protect your assets, value chains and investment portfolios. We provide solutions powered by science, AI and high-performance computing. Our work helps businesses and investors take action for the future.

Comply with TCFD and EU-aligned reporting requirements

Identify risks in value chains and asset portfolios

Optimise your investments

Improve your resilience planning

Dynamic models for a volatile world

Our work focuses on the acute and chronic hazards most impacted by climate change: extreme temperatures and precipitation, coastal and riverine flooding, heat stress, drought, wildfires and extreme wind.

We help you adapt to the new reality of climate risk: more extreme large-scale events, a higher recurrence of small events with accumulating impact and a changing geography of hazard distribution.

Global models with flexible level of downscaling

Variable time scales from now to 100 years

Multi-scenario, multi-modelling framework


Multiple use cases. Flexible delivery.

Our products serve multiple use cases from platform-based multi-hazard assesment to advanced stochastic modelling focused on a single type of hazard. We make the latest in climate risk intelligence accesible to you in flexible delivery formats and pricing options.

Self-serve analysis and reporting platform

Delivery via API for flexible integrations

Transparent pricing


Your risk analysis in seconds

Companies across sectors use EarthScan to generate personalised insights on their exposure to climate risk at the click of a button. Consultancies and asset managers use it to analyse client's portfolios with accuracy and speed.

Hazards we evaluate: heat stress, flooding, wildfires, extreme wind, drought and precipitation risk.

Generate critical insights on risk and opportunities across your value chain and portfolio. Share internally or externally with key stakeholders and regulators.

Tailored vertical approach: from real estate, retail and manufacturing to infrastructure and asset management.


Science-based risk modelling

Insurance providers and risk managers use our risk models to integrate state-of-the-art climate modelling and high-performance computing into enterprise risk management and decision making.

High-resolution models with transparent methodologies.

Leverage our APIs to easily integrate the latest in risk modelling, AI and HPC in your evaluation systems and workflows.

Discover and qualify the biggest vulnerabilities in your portfolio under different climate scenarios and time scales. Identify opportunities to enhance your risk management strategy and reduce the protection gap. 

Boundary-pushing Mitiga solutions

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The first parametric solution for wildfires in Europe

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The world’s first humanitarian CAT bond for volcanic risk.

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AI for weather and atmospheric hazards for the European Defence Agency

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Next-gen crisis management system for European air traffic

How we do it
Science. AI. HPC.

The Mitiga recipe combines the best of
physics and climate models with AI and high-performance computing to push boundaries in risk analyis and modelling.

''Long committed to advising our industrial clients on natural hazards, HDI has found a transformative partner in EarthScan. We are now equipped to offer tailored advice on climate risks at their specific locations, enhancing our consultative approach.''

Lars Regner

Head of Central Services, HDI Risk Consulting

''Through our partnership with EarthScan, we are able to collaboratively assist our clients with simple and digestible climate insights. We use the physical risk outputs to help our clients strengthen their climate risk management strategies and build long-term resilience against the impacts of climate uncertainty, as well as meet regulatory compliance requirements.''

Lucy H.

Climate Risk Lead, Leading Global Management Consultancy

''With EarthScan, we are able to harness climate science from a range of leading sources across multiple climate scenarios to derive insights for action. We can challenge management teams on topics like operability and expenditure risk in the event of increasing climate volatility.''

Rhyadd Keaney-Watkins

Head of ESG at Arjun Infrastructure Partners

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