April 18, 2024

Unlocking the Power of EarthScan for partners: A Conversation with Mitiga's Solveig Moro

In a recent interview with Solveig Moro, Strategy and Partnerships Lead at Mitiga Solutions, we delved into the world of climate risk, partnerships, and the unique value Mitiga brings to its collaborators. The conversation centered on the core question: Why partner with Mitiga?

ESG - more than a buzzword

In today's business landscape, Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) considerations have emerged as crucial indicators of a company's sustainability and long-term success. Beyond profitability, investors and stakeholders are increasingly recognizing the importance of factors like environmental stewardship, social responsibility, and effective governance in evaluating a company's performance. ESG principles are no longer just buzzwords, they have become essential criteria for assessing a company's sustainability and ethical impact. As society faces global challenges such as climate change, ESG has emerged as a powerful tool for aligning business practices with broader societal and environmental goals.

The Mitiga Approach

Solveig Moro, sharing insights into Mitiga's approach, emphasized the company's commitment to aligning commercial goals with those of its partners. The focus is on enhancing market impact and addressing industry-wide needs. In a world grappling with the consequences of climate change, Mitiga's emphasis on understanding and mitigating physical risk is crucial.

“Companies need to prepare to face whatever the future may hold. How they respond to impending changes in an increasingly uncertain climate will be critical in determining their path to resilience, which is reflected in the main regulatory frameworks. Climate resilience is increasingly linked to financial resilience. Companies should understand their exposure to physical risk and how to effectively manage and mitigate its impacts,” said Solveig Moro.

Selecting Partners Strategically

Mitiga sees partnerships as a means of amplifying outreach, with a selective approach to collaboration. Solveig Moro highlighted the importance of cultural alignment, ensuring that partners share similar values and approaches to problem-solving. This, she believes, ultimately benefits end-users of Mitiga's climate risk on-demand platform EarthScan.

Solveig Moro sheds light on Mitiga's meticulous partner selection process, outlining two main groups: professional services and technology platforms. Professional services encompass experts, advisors, and consultancies that utilize EarthScan to assist their clients in addressing climate challenges. On the other hand, technology platforms integrate EarthScan insights into their workflows, expanding their portfolio by adding physical climate risk intelligence.

“A world-wide view of evolving physical climate risk powered by leading-edge technologies will become the platform upon which the new climate economy will be built. Whether it’s by embedding physical risk into their technology platform or by using EarthScan insights to complement high-level adaptation advisory, we see huge potential for these organizations to leverage our platform,” said Solveig Moro.

Technology matters

Tech companies and ESG consultancies often face common challenges that hinder their effectiveness in navigating the intersection of technology and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) considerations. Compliance with disclosures has become increasingly challenging and time-consuming, while the complexity of collecting, understanding, and reporting on new data poses a significant obstacle. Moreover, the limitations of climate science and the difficulty in analysing physical risk assessments at scale across global portfolios and various asset classes further exacerbate these challenges. With mounting pressure from investors, regulators, and consumers to address these issues, coupled with a significant talent deficit and limited budgets, the need for innovative solutions has never been more pressing.

Mitiga Solutions steps in to address these challenges through its EarthScan platform. Leveraging data modeling, machine learning, and cutting-edge climate science, EarthScan provides companies with a tailored analysis of the climate risks facing their business assets. In just minutes, partners can gain critical insights into risk exposures such as flooding, wind damage, drought, and extreme temperatures. EarthScan offers accelerated time-to-value through its global, standardized climate risk solution, enabling partners to quickly assess and mitigate risks. With over 10 use cases and applications requiring additional high-value advisory support, Mitiga collaborates closely with partners to design and bring to market solutions that address their clients' most pressing challenges. Through this collaborative approach, Mitiga empowers its partners to navigate the complex landscape of tech and ESG with confidence and efficiency.

What partners say

 “Through our partnership with EarthScan, we are able to collaboratively assist our clients with simple and digestible climate insights. We use the physical risk outputs to help our clients strengthen their climate risk management strategies and build long-term resilience against the impacts of climate uncertainty, as well as meet regulatory compliance requirements. – Lucy H, climate risk lead at a leading global management consultancy”

If you are interested in partnering with EarthScan to help your business prepare for the impacts of climate change please email Solveig Moro at partnerships@mitigasolutions.com.

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